Shared Sport Fishing Charters

www.oahuchartersportfishing.comThe Shared Sport Fishing Charter:

Full Day: $220.00 per person

Half Day: $190.00 per person.

Where multiple parties can charter the same boat to cut down on cost. The maximum amount of passengers is six. The minimum for the boat to go out is four.  Share charters are scheduled as full and half day share charters with the same departure and arrival times. Punctuality is very important. For these charters are in most ways the same as private charters the difference is that after safety briefings are done the anglers will pull numbers typically 1-6 and the numbers coincide with a numbered rods. the rods are set to different lengths and with different lures. As the day goes and fish are landed the rods rotate. Because sometimes one rod, length, or lure might just be the flavor of the day. This gives everyone on board an equal chance of landing fish. With the fish policy I’m mind. The fish will be given equally to each passenger weather they landed the fish or not. OAHU SHARE