Fish Policy

The fish policy is put into place to help us maintain our fishery Not to keep this from you. 

Our main goal is for the client to come out to  Oahu, Hawaii and have a memorable outstanding deep sea fishing charter. so that you will return home and write great reviews for us online. That is our purpose, not to fish commercially.

Clients are entitled to 1/2 up to 50lbs (uncut)of any fish under 100 lbs. Fish weighing over 100lbs will be released or if harvested will stay with the vessel.

The reason for this policy is because most people are tourists staying in places such as Hilton Hawaiian Village or the Marriott where there are no stoves, ovens or even fridges to store, keep or to cook the fish. People typically want from 1 to 10 pounds of fish to grill and share. If we were to cut into a 100+ pound Marlin (tougher meat)or tuna for only 1 up to 50 pounds, then the majority of that fish will go to waste. That fish is sent to the block where the entire fish can be put to use.

Tipping is not mandatory. However, your crew is just like a waiter or a waitress in the service industry.

*48 hour cancellation policy*
Any changes or cancellations please call outside of the 48hr window.