Charter in Fishing Oahu

Out of all the world’s angling scenarios, few could be more appealing than charter fishing in Oahu, Hawaii. It has all the right ingredients to provide a perfect fishing trip. First of all, the area has a great climate. You’ll love that, and so do the fish. Second, there are loads of places for the fish to hang out, and any reputable charter in fishing Oahu will know just where such places are. Lastly, there are tons of baitfish around, and that means plenty of meals for predatory species like the ones you’re targeting.

Oahu’s climate is everything you could wish for. Technically, there’s not much difference here in summer and winter. The average daily highs in summer are 85 degrees, and in winter, the average temperature reaches around 78 degrees. That means it’s rarely too uncomfortably hot or too unbearably cold for fishing. And since the air remains warm all year, that means the water does, too, and fish like that.

A charter in fishing Oahu can take you to fish you might have only dreamed about. Regular catches include blue marlin, striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, skipjack tuna, wahoo, and monster sharks. Even better, great fishing can be done all year.

In January, schooling yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna, bigeye tuna, sharks, and mahi-mahi can be landed. Starting in March, the mahi-mahi show up for the annual run. Yellowfin tuna, striped marlin, shortbill marlin, and amberjack also show up in good numbers, and occasionally, a really huge blue marlin is caught.

In summer, the fishing gets even better. Blue marlin that weigh in at half a ton are caught, along with lots of mahi-mahi, wahoo, and some hefty yellowfin tuna.

By the autumn months, marlin species are in good supply, including blue marlin, striped marlin, and shortbill marlin. There are also good numbers of mahi-mahi , bigeye tuna, and yellowfin tuna in the local waters, as well. There’s no telling what you might haul in!

With Oahu fishing charters, you’ll have several options. The captain will decide which species are best to target at the time of your excursion, based on his years of experience with water temperatures, tides, weather conditions, and other factors. In most cases, you can choose how long you want your Hawaiian fishing trips to be. You’ll often get to choose from among full day, three-fourths day, and half-day charters in fishing Oahu.

With one of the best Oahu fishing charters, just about everything you’ll need will be taken care of by  the captain and his crew. That usually includes any required licenses, bait, tackle, and coolers and ice. Of course, you’ll also get to take advantage of your guide’s knowledge and experience with the local fish and with the best fishing spots. Why put off booking a trip? Anytime is the right time for Oahu fishing charters!