The full day sport fishing charter is scheduled for  eight hours however it has been known to push the 9 and 10 hour limit is the fishing and weather cooperates. This puts our arrival back to port between 2:00 pm and 5:00pm. The scheduled time of departure is 6:00am. However, a late departure time maybe available upon request. These charters give us the best opportunity in targeting the fish of choice. When going after blue marlin striped marlin short bill marlin and large tuna time is precious. Getting to the right spot with time to get the right bait in the water is by far shows the best outcome. Through out the day when situations arise bait can be switched to the give fishing opportunities such as mahimahi (dorado) and tuna schooling or known Ono (wahoo) sweet spots.

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3/4 DAY CHARTER $900.00

The three quarter day sport fishing charter is six hour charter. The departure time is 6:00 am. this charter is 2 hours longer than the half day and puts your estimated time back in the harbor around 12:00pm. For these charters the most common catch is mahimahi (dorado), tuna, and Ono (Wahoo). Blue marlin striped marlin and short bill marlin are typical but as always time is key. For the three quarter day the option for extending fishing hours may be available if an afternoon half day charter is not confirmed.

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The half day sport fishing charter is a four hour day. There are two departure times for these charters 6:00 am and 12:00 pm.  The estimated time back to the harbor is around 10:00am. This is one of the great thing about fishing in Hawaii is that in only one mile from the harbor the waters depth could be 500 to 800 feet. For these charters the most common catch is mahimahi (dorado), tuna, and Ono (Wahoo). Blue marlin striped marlin and short bill marlin have been caught on these charters but for targeting these animals time of the water is key. The am half day charter may allow for the option to extend fishing time,  if there is not a pm charter lined up after.

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The Shared sport fishing charter is where multiple parties can charter the same boat to cut down on cost. The maximum amount of passengers is six. The minimum for the boat to go out is four.  Share charters are scheduled as full and half day share charters with the same departure and arrival times. Punctuality is very important. For these charters are in most ways the same as private charters the difference is that after safety briefings are done the anglers will pull numbers typically 1-6 and the numbers coincide with a numbered rods. the rods are set to different lengths and with different lures. As the day goes and fish are landed the rods rotate. Because sometimes one rod, length, or peticular lure might just be the flavor of the day. This gives everyone on board an equal chance of landing fish. With the fish policy I'm mind. The fish will be given equally to each passenger weather they landed the fish or not.